Need For Speed 2

Need For Speed 2

Need for Speed II, released in Japan as Over Drivin' II, is a racing video game released in 1997. It is a part of the Need for Speed series and is the second installment in the series, following Road & Track Presents: The Need for its predecessor, Need for Speed II allows players to race exotic cars, either against computer-controlled opponents or human opponents via a LAN, modem or serial connection.

System requirements : 

CPU: 166 MHz CPU or faster
16 MB 
GPU: Hi Color (65,535 color) capable 1 MB PCI video card with DirectDraw 3.0 compatible driver
DX: DirectX 3.0 (included on game CD)
Windows 95
HDD: 10 MB free space for game plus space for save games (additional space required for DirectX 3.0 installation)
Sound: Optional Sound Card with DirectX compatible sound driver
ODD: 4x CD-ROM drive (600 KB/second transfer rate)



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