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6 Ways to Hack a Facebook Account | Facebook Hacking

Note:- This tutorial is for educational purpose only and may not be used for any black-hat purpose. The prime aim of this tutorial is to create awareness so that you guys can protect yourself  from getting hacked.

Before learning the actual procedure you should know about different types of attacks, their drawbacks and prevention against these attacks .
5 Ways to Hack a Facebook Account | Facebook Hacking

1) Phishing :
The first and very basic way of hacking Facebook accounts is via Phishing. Phishing is actually creating fake web pages to steal user�s credentials like email,passwords,phone no,etc.

Users nowadays are aware of these type of attacks and one can not be easily fooled using this attack. You need some social engineering to trick someone.
Prevention :

  • Always check the page URL before logging in. This is the most trusted and effective way one can use to avoid himself from phishing.
  • Other way is to use some good Antivirus software which will warn you if  you visit a harmful phishing page.
    Even if somehow you have already entered your credentials in a phisher, Immediately Change your password.

2) Keylogging :
This is another good way of hacking Facebook accounts. In this type of attack a hacker simply sends an infected file having keylogger in it to the victim. If the victim executes that file on his pc, whatever he types will be mailed/uploaded to hacker�s server. The advantage of this attack is that the victim won�t know that hacker is getting every Bit of data he is typing. Another big advantage is that hacker will get passwords of all the accounts used on that PC.

Keyloggers are often detected as threats by good antiviruses. Hacker must find a way to protect it from antivirus.

Prevention :

  • Execute the file only if you trust the sender.
  • Use online scanner such as novirusthanks.org
  • Use good antivirus and update it regularly .
3) Trojans/backdoors :
This is an advanced level topic. It consists of a server and a client. In this type of attack the attacker sends the infected server to the victim. After execution the infected server i.e. Trojan on the victim�s PC opens a backdoor and now the hacker can do whatever he wants with the victim�s PC .


Trojans are often detected as threats by good antiviruses. Hacker must find a way to protect it from antivirus.

Prevention :
  • Execute the file only if you trust the sender.
  • Use online scanner such as novirusthanks.org
  • Use good antivirus and update it regularly .


It consists of stealing session in progress. In this type of attack an attacker makes connection with server and client and relays message between them, making them believe that they are talking to each other directly.

  • If user is logged out then attacker is also logged out and the session is lost.
  • It is difficult to sniff on SSL protected networks.
Prevention :
  • Always use SSL secured connections.
  • Always keep a look at the url if the http:// is not changed to https:// it means that sniffing is active on your network.

5)Social Engineering :

This method includes guessing and fooling the clients to give their own passwords. In this type of attack, a hacker sends a fake mail which is very convincing and appealing and asks the user for his password.
Answering the security questions also lies under this category.
Drawback :
It is not easy to convince someone to make him give his password.
Guessing generally doesn't always work ( Although if you are lucky enough it may work!).

Prevention :

  • Never give your password to anyone
  • Don�t believe in any sort of emails which asks for your password

6) Session Hijacking

In a session hijacking attack an attacker steals victims cookies, cookies stores all the necessary logging Information about one�s account, using this info an attacker can easily hack anybody�s account. If you get the cookies of the Victim you can Hack any account the Victim is Logged into i.e. you can hack Facebook, Google, Yahoo.
Drawbacks :
  • You will be logged out when user is logged out.
  • You will not get the password of the user�s account.
  • Will not work if the user is using HTTPS connections.

Prevention :

  • Always work on SSL secured connections.
  • Always keep a look at the url if the http:// is not changed to https:// it means that sniffing is active on your network.

Net Tools 5

Net Tools 5, Network tools, ip tools, net tools, network tool, networking tools, Hacking Tools,

Net Tools 5 offers a huge collection of network, file and Windows system tools, all entirely free.
Some of the utilities are quite substantial. So you get both an FTP server, and a client, for instance. There are system information tools here, a website ripper, web gallery and website creator, amongst many others.
There are variations on just about every network utility you can imagine: Ping, NetState and TraceRoute, for instance; port scanners, Whois and MX lookups, packet sniffers, HTTP scanners, bandwidth monitors, MAC address tools, and the list goes on.
And the suite includes a huge array of file-related tools. It can rename an entire folder of files to suit your rules; split files, compare them, and encrypt confidential documents in various ways, amongst other things.
Finding these functions can take a while, as they're only available through menus, and these aren't always organised as you'd expect. So, for example, the suite includes a Create Virtual Drives tool that creates a virtual drive on your system, which actually points to a folder instead (so double-clicking Z:, say, would take you to some commonly-used folder). We'd expect that to appear under System Tools, but it actually appears in the File Tools section.
And it seems there are bugs here, too. A few of the utilities failed to start, locked up or otherwise misbehaved during our tests. While others are past their best (there's a substantial tweaking tool, for instance, but it's targeted at Windows XP). And the author doesn't claim the programs run under Windows 7; many do, but you'll run into problems with others.
Still, as the suite is free, and includes hundreds of other functions that work perfectly, it seems unreasonable to complain too much. If you're the geeky type who loves to explore this kind of suite, then take a look - there's hours of entertainment here just in looking around, discovering everything that Net Tools can do.

Maple 14

  Maple Free Download 

 Maple Overview

Maple is an application developed by maplesoft a software company which is situate in Ontaria, Canada . It is a complex which can be used for the enhacing the analytical work and it can be find the solution for your mathematical problems. Maple application was made possible after a comprehensive research spanning over 30 years. It contains one of the most poweful mathematical engine with a very user friendly interface.
maple 14 , soft, maths soft, solve maths, softwares

Mathmatica is another widely used tool for such a great a work . Maple is a solution for all your mathematical problems as it contains over 5000 functions which is made Maple one of the most comprehensive application related to mathematics. The interface which is quiet user friendly can support multiple styles for interaction. It contains programming language for solving complicated problems and also some clickable tools for making your jobs essay.

  Numeric computation of highest degree is possible with Maples. It permit you to work with the exact quantity such as symbols, radical and fractions which eliminates the round off errors.Approximation can be performed to any degree of accuracy regardless of your hardware restraints. Maple cover every aspect of mathematics like calculus, linear algebra, statics and integral transforms etc. It can solve almost any kind of equation and use different kind of techniques to solve them. You can have exact or approximate solution. Symbolic can be used for exact solution while numeric method can be used for approximate solutions.

Maple have a very comprehensive equation editor which contains lot of templates for solving the problems rapidly. It contains differential and integral problems as well. It also contains powerful visualization tools by which you can create different plots and animations easily. The number of functions in this application is so much that you need a vert efficient and powerful search tool. Maple has a very powerful search tool which will help you to access any function easily.

Features of  Maple

Bellow are some noticeable features which you'll experince after Maplesoft Maple Free download.
  • Designed to enchace your analytical work.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Contains over 5000 functions.
  • Support multiple styles of interaction.
  • Numeric Computation of  Highest degree is possible.
  • Covers all field of mathematics .
  • Different techniques can be used to solve the problems.
  • Contains comprehensive equation editor . 


System Requirements for Maple

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
  • Memory (RAM): 2GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: 1 GHz processor or later.


  Maple Free Download 

Click on the bellow button to start t Maple free download. This is completer offline installer and standalone setup for Maple