Hacking Tools

Hacking Tools

Havij Pro 1.17 Cracked {Advance SQL Injection T00l}

OWASP Xenotix  {Advance XSS Exploiter}

Web Cruiser  Website attacker {Web App Exploitation T00l}

WappEx 2.0 {Web App Exploitation T00l}

Backtrack 5 RC3 {Most Wanted Hacking OS}

Kali Linux {Bactrack 6 Hacking OS}

Dark Comet RAT legacy 5.4 {Hacking and Spying}

John The Ripper {Fastest Password Cracking Tool}

NT-SQL Invader {Web Exploitation T00l}

Backbox 3.0 {Penetration testing OS for Hackers}

B88 {Bypass and Stop Victim's Antivirus}

0G0 cPanel Password Cracker {CPanel Cracker}

Brutus2 {Brute Force attacker and Password Cracker}

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8 {WVS & WET}

Blind Cat SQL Injection Cat Tool {Web Exploitation Tool}

Star Tools 2.0 {SET Tool}

Skyneos Keylogger {SET and Spying Tool}

Emmissary Keylogger {SET and Spying Tool}