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Uploading a shell with SQL injection.

Simple SQL InjecTion Tut In ( Urdu )

[TUTORIAL] Mod_Security bypass (SQLi)

Basic Manual Sql Injection Tutorial

How to upload Shell by Live HTTP Headers

IDM 6.18 Full version (with 32 ports and high speed integration)

IDM 6.18 Full version (with 32 ports and high speed integration)

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Bubblews- Auto liking,commenting & following script

Google Dorker 1.1

Bubblews-auto liking and commenting wroking trick 100% !!!!

Earn Online money$$$ With Youtube

Earn Online money$$$ With Youtube
YouTube Money Maker
Currently there are more than 15,000 YouTube partners throughout the world, and online video advertising has reached a staggering $3.4 Billion in 2012; it is expected to reach over $5 Billion in 2013. Most of them make a career out of their videos, with some managing to make 6 figures or more in a year. Partners in this program share income generated from rentals and InVideo overlay ads. They also get opportunities to participate in branded entertainment openings. The YouTube partners are usually featured on YouTube’s homepage, meaning that they enjoy more views and more chances of making money.

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How to Recover Deleted Files - Top 8 Free Data Recovery Software

Hello readers, today I'm going to discuss an important topic for computer geeks. We may lose our important data or files from the computer hard disk, due to virus attack or we may delete  them by mistakenly. Once we delete those important data from hard disk, there is only one option available to get back the files, that's via Recycle Bin. But this is not a possible way to recover the files all the time, because if the file size is too large, it won't go to Recycle Bin, so recovering the deleted files is always a challenge.
There are hundreds of free and paid data recovery tools available in the internet to recover your deleted data from hard disk or USB pen drive. When people try to recover their deleted data from HDD using this kind of recovery tool, most of the users' feedback about the tool is 'this stupid software doesn't work properly'. Actually the truth behind this is, they don't follow the proper rules to recover the data after the loss.

Rules to Consider Before Going for Data Recovery

Stop using the particular hard drive and avoid copying new files to the hard disk drive, where you are going to perform data recovery process. For example if you are going to recover something from local drive C on your PC, completely avoid using local drive C. Because any copy-paste activity on particular drive might increase the chances to overwrite new copied files over deleted files. 
And another important rule is, don't download or install the data recovery tool in the hard disk drive where you are going to perform data recovery process. 
If you follow all the above given rules before going for data recovery, you can easily recover deleted files with given below powerful free data recovery tools. All these tools are free of cost and it has the ability to recover any deleted files from your hard disk. 

Powerful 8 Free Data Recovery Tools for Windows Computer

  1. Recuva
  2. Undelete 360
  3. Wise Data Recovery
  4. Pandora Recovery
  5. Tokiwa Data Recovery
  6. Glary Undelete
  7. Mini Tool Power Data Recovery
  8. Free Undelete


Recuva data recovery tools is designed by piriform. This is one of the most powerful data recovery software where you can get maximum use in all the Windows computers. This tool comes with user friendly interface and easy navigation to different options. This tool has the ability to recover deleted files from recycle bin, memory cards or any other portable devices. Also it has deep scan mode to recover your deleted data even better.

Once you run Recuva tool in your computer, it will ask you to select the recovery path such as Pictures, Music, Video and Documents. After selecting the recovery path, it starts to scan and show you detailed information about your files and data. Now you have to select the file which you want to recover by clicking the recover button. If you need any help regarding recovery process, you can go to publisher website and submit your question in their forum.

Download Recuva Tool Here

Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is another fine recovery tool for Windows computer which comes with useful features like file filtering and file preview. It's easy to use and this tool allows you to recover any size of file. There is no file size limitation in Undelete 360 tool.


Once you install the tool in your computer, it will scan for all the recent deleted files. After the scan completes, you can view all the files by typing such as JPG, PDF, MP4 and etc.. The disadvantage of this tool is, slow scanning speed, but still this is one of the high suggested recovery tool for your windows computer.

Download Undelete 360 Tool Here

Wise Data Recovery

This is a very simple data recovery tool with no complicated options. Once you install the tool in your Windows computer, you just need to choose the recovery drive and click on scan for recovery. Now Wise data recovery tool will start to scan for deleted files and when the scan completes, you have to select the file to recover.

Wise data recovery does not support with FAT based drives and it won't work with our test USB drive too. This tool is highly recommended for personal use when you are looking to recover small size files in a quick session from NTFS drives.

Download Wise Data Recovery Tool Here

Pandora Recovery

Pandora is another powerful recovery tool which has the ability to recover permanently deleted files from Windows computer. This software comes with a tool called surface scan which allows to recover corrupted, damaged or reformatted partition.
Also this tool allows you to recover data from hard disk drive, USB pen drive, network share or any other portable devices. If you feel any trouble while doing recovery process, you can easily go through Pandora help wizard which will guide you for easy recovery process.
Download Pandora Recovery Tool Here

Tokiwa Data Recovery

Tokiwa recovery software is a simple and powerful tool which can recover all your deleted files from Windows computer. This tools comes with very few option and it's really easy to understand about the tool. After the scan completes, you can recover the files by clicking recover button.
One of the useful feature in this tool is, you can search for specific file by typing the name of the file in search box. This will help you to save your time when you are looking for single file recovery. 
Download Tokiwa Data Recovery Tool Here

Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete is capable to recover your deleted files from hard disk drive, pen drive, memory cards or any other portable removable devices.


One of the useful feature in this tool is, easy "Folders" view, a Windows Explorer-style view of recovery files, and a prominent "State" indication for each recovered data and also it will suggest you how a successful data recovery process will be. So all these features help you to recover your deleted data through Glary Undelete tool.

Download Glary Undelete Recovery Tool Here

Mini Tool Power Data Recovery

Mini tool power data recovery allows you to recover your deleted files from different sources. With this tool you can recover any deleted files, damaged or lost partitions, digital media files recovery, USB pen drive file recovery or CD/ DVD recovery.
This tool comes with a feature called boot disk, which helps you for better file recovery process from unbootable, malware infected or any other damaged system.
Download Mini Tool Data Recovery Here

Free Undelete

Free Undelete is a simple and powerful data recovery tool which supports highly in all the Windows computers. This tool supports most of the file system such as NTFS 1.0, NTFS 2.0, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. You can download Free Undelete recovery tool in both portable version and installer version for your Windows computers.


Download Free Undelete Recovery Tool Here

Final Words

That's all the top suggestion data recovery software for this article. I have suggested you the top 8 free data recovery software for your Windows computer. You can easily recover any accidentally deleted or crashed data from your hard disk with these top free data recovery software. I highly recommend you to go with Recuva data recovery tool which is the best free data recovery tool in present market. But keep in mind, you must follow the above mentioned simple rules, before going for data recovery to get a better result.

Best WhatsApp Tricks and Secrets for Android

WhatsApp! Nowadays most of the smart phone has included this messenger application with it. It's difficult to find a smart phone without WhatsApp. We all know that recently Facebook owner bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. A single messenger network deserved $19 billion :O This shows WhatsApp's popularity among the smart phone users. WhatsApp is available for all the major mobile OS platform including Android and iOS. This app has more than 400 million active users around the world. It's all because of the WhatsApp's fastest messenger service, some awesome features and user friendly interface. WhatsApp allows you to share long/ short messages, videos, audios, images and much more with your loved ones.

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Mobile/Network Stuffs, whatsapp,android,secrets,whatsapp tricks,Hide Last Seen Feature,Recover Deleted Messages,How to Set Passcode Lock to Your WhatsApp,

Today I'm going to share some secret tricks of WhastApp for Android, which most of the users don't know. This article is gonna include some awesome WhatsApp tricks like hide last seen feature, recover deleted messages, set passcode lock, change WhatsApp number without losing your messages, send two images as one and much more interesting tricks. Now let's have a deep look one by one.

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How to Hide Last Seen Feature?

When you check your friend's profile in your WhatsApp, you can see his last seen of WhatsApp, actually this is a default setting by WhatsApp. Likewise, your friend can also check your last seen in his WhatsApp. If you don't wanna show your last seen details to other users, you can hide WhatsApp last seen by following the given below steps.

Hide Last Seen

  • Go to Settings
  • Then select Chat Settings --> Advanced
  • Now click on Last seen and change it to Nobody

How to Recover Deleted Messages?

Sometimes we may delete the conversation or messages by mistakenly in WhatsApp. When we are in a real need of them, there isn't any way. .But here I'll show you a trick to recover deleted WhatsApp messages in Android.


  • Go to SD card --> WhatsApp --> Databases
  • Now you will find something like msgstore-2014-01-10.1.db.crypt (The date may differ in your phone)
  • Now rename the msgstore.db.crypt to backup-msgstore.db.crypt
  • And also rename the date with the date which the messages want to be backed up
  • Now go to Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications --> WhatsApp and then click on Clear Data option which will remove all the data
  • Now open the WhatsApp and it will request you whether you want to restore your backup 
  • And finally click on Restore
  • That's it! Now your WhatsApp messages backup is successful. :)

How to Set Passcode Lock to Your WhatsApp?

This is another useful trick for WhatsApp addicts. Normally if someone takes your phone, they can check all your important WhatsApp conversation. To avoid this issue, you can set password protection to your WhatsApp by installing an app called WhatsApp Lock which is available in Play Store. These type of apps allows you to set four digit passcode or pattern lock to your WhatsApp, to protect your important conversations.

Set Passcode Lock

Change WhatsApp Phone Number Without Losing Messages

In some cases if you change your mobile phone number, you have to uninstall WhatsApp and then you should re-install WhatsApp with your new phone number. While doing this process, you will lose all the previous WhatsApp messages and the unsaved photos of the message.

Instead of doing this, you can follow this simple trick to avoid all your WhatsApp messages getting deleted. Go to
  • WhatsApp --> Settings --> Account --> Change Number
  • Here you have to type both your old and new numbers of WhatsApp and save the changes
  • That it! Now WhatsApp will send you a verification message to active your current WhatsApp account with the new number.

Change WhatsApp Phone Number


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How to Hide Two Images Into One?

This sounds little bit difficult, but the process is very very easy. You can find an app called Magiapp in Play Store and you have to install this app in your Android smart phone.

Hide Two Images

  • After the installation completes, the above given window will appear
  • Now you have to click on the True Image option and select your real image
  • Then click on the fake image and select your crazy prank image
  • After selecting the prank image click on Do Magic option. That's all, now share that image with your WhatsApp buddies 

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp accounts in Android?

This is one of the most useful trick for all the Android users who are using dual sim support smart phones. Normally if you use dual sim phone, you have to create two separate WhatsApp accounts for both the sim cards. But if you install SwitchMe Multiple Accounts app in your Android, you can manage both the sim numbers in single WhatsApp account.

 Run Multiple WhatsApp

This app allows you to create separate user profile in your phone including different account, system setting and etc.. After the installation completes, open SwitchMe app and create new user profile and then shift to this user profile and you will be able to connect your WhatsApp to other sim number.

How to Hide Your WhatsApp Profile Picture?

This trick is something related to your privacy on WhatsApp. The profile picture of any social network account can make easier to recognize you by others. If you want to hide your WhatsApp profile picture for privacy purposes, you can,
  • Go to Settings --> Account --> Privacy --> Profile Photo
  • Now change it to Nobody

WhatsApp Profile Picture

There you go! Surf WhatsApp online being anonymous with hidden profile picture.

How to Transfer Your Current WhatsApp Conversations to New Mobile Phone?

Android introduces new smart phones with latest technology in regular interval. As technology grows up, people upgrade their smart phone to a new one. If you have also changed to a new smart phone recently and if you don't wanna lose WhatsApp conversations, then this trick is for you. There is a trick available in Android to transfer your current WhatsApp conversations to a new smart phone. Follow the given below steps to do this.  

How to Transfer

  • Move WhatsApp to SD card. If you have already installed in SD card, skip this step
  • Now remove the SD card and connect it to computer
  • Copy all the files of WhatsApp database folder to computer
  • Now install WhatsApp to your new smart phone 
  • Now replace the new smart phone's WhatsApp databases folder with previously saved WhatsApp databases folder, which has already been copied in your computer
That's all! Now restart the app once and you will find your old WhatsApp conversations in new smart phone.

How to Stop Automatic Multimedia Content Download?

When your friend sends any multimedia content to your WhatsApp, the content gets downloaded automatically into your phone. Actually this is a default setting of WhatsApp. But we can change this auto download multimedia content to manual download in latest version of WhatsApp. This update in WhatsApp will save your phone credit balance from downloading unwanted multimedia content. To change the setting to manual download,
  • Go to WhatsApp Settings --> Chat Settings --> Media auto-download
  • Now uncheck all the options named ‘When using mobile data’, ‘when connected on WiFi’, ‘When roaming’
That's all! Now you have successfully disabled 'auto download multimedia content' concept in your WhatsApp.

Track Your WhatsApp Statistics So Far

WhatsApp is an amazing messenger network which supports in the all smart phones. People are addicted to WhatsApp without any age difference. Here I'll introduce you a cool app called WhatStat which can track your addiction of WhatsApp in graphical chart.

Track Your WhatsApp

WhatsApp app can display your WhatsApp statistics such as total number of online time, number of messages received, sent and much more interesting information of your WhatsApp usage in a graphical chart.


Final Words

There are huge amount of WhatsApp tricks available such as WhatsApp pranks, change your friend's profile picture, create fake conversation and much more. But in this post I have mentioned only the most important and useful 10 WhatsApp tricks, which is gonna make your WhatsApp chatting more fun. Keep in touch with Tec Glitz to get more interesting tips and tricks of WhatsApp and much more technology stuffs :)

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How to Hack a FaceBook Account with Yahoo! Mail

How to Hack a FaceBook Account with Yahoo! Mail 

[Image: 14889608.jpg] 

Introduction: People register from Yahoo! just to get a register a Facebook account (email address is needed). Little they know that if a person didn't open their Yahoo! account will have his account deactivated then later expired. Yahoo! deletes all expired emails. So here I go with the step-by-step tutorials:  
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